Good Old Neon is a performance and theatre company founded in 2013 by Nicole Wilson and Alexander Offord. Our work explores the moral, social, and political paradoxes that describe modern life; a theatre of destabilization, of contradictions.

“Good Old Neon produces theatre that reflects the world we live in—shattering, compelling and provocative.” --- Lynn Slotkin

“a young company filled with the ecstatic energy of seaweed in a tsunami…refreshing…brilliant…” --David Bateman

“uncompromisingly strange” – Kelly Bedard

“dynamic, engaging, and extremely multifaceted” – Thomas Volpe

we are


Nicole Wilson

Nicole is a Toronto-based actor, director, improviser and poet. She holds a diploma in Theatre Performance from George Brown Theatre School and two Honours degrees in Pure and Applied Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. She also teaches acting and improv across the city, and runs a math tutoring business (learn more at at


Alexander Offord

Alexander Offord is a writer, director, and performer. His written work includes the plays , Potosí, and the upcoming novel The Savage God, as well as numerous essays and articles for publications including SpiderWebShow, The Literary Review of Canada, and his own blog, He is periodically involved with various kinds of political agitation. He was born in Montreal and will most likely die here, in Toronto.

Associate Artists

We've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented folks in the country.

Nicola Atkinson (Bad Hats Theatre)

Michael-David Blostein

Kay Brattan

Jack Comerford

Vince Deiulis

Jeff Dingle

Giulia D'Amanzo

Hayden Finkelshtain

Scott T. Garland

Renée Haché

Samantha Holland

Katie Jones

Melanie Leon

North America (Matthew Milo & Ara Glenn-Johanson)

Matt Pilipiak

Nicholas Porteous

Lesley Robertson

Suzanne Roberts-Smith

Rouvan Silogix

Sean Sullivan

Craig Thomas

Geneviève Trottier

Kris van Solen

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